Friday, November 30, 2007

Hangovers and Jackpots

After my last entry I thought I ought to not only avoid tarot decks but also avoid all the card tables. I think Tarot said something about playing cards being based off of the tarot. Or maybe she was talking about playing solitaire with her cards. I don't remember. In any event, I didn't reckon playing blackjack was an intelligent thing to do especially after reading in here what happened to Tarot when she tried playing poker. I don't recall her telling me that but then she does talk, a lot. Since I can't seem to find her, I reckoned I'd do what Tarot had been doing and go back to the slots. I managed to win $1000. I still can't vanish but given that now I can do cards maybe Tarot has vanished....

I keep waking up with a hangover, but the beer helps. I wanted some Vodka yesterday but the bar was all out, except for the expensive stuff. So I had cognac instead. It wasn't the really good stuff but it was passable and certainly not that cheap paint thinner rubbish I've had before.
I had my drink and I felt a lot better. Then I managed to win the big jackpot in the slot machines at the casino next door to where we're staying, which made me feel even better. At least I still have Clyde for company, not that I've ever been much of a people person, but Clyde's never been much of a conversationalist. I hope Tarot isn't getting into trouble especially if she's gone invisible. If that's what happened you'd think Tarot would ask me how to do things, after all I am the expert, and she's usually 20 questions half the time, any way, wanting to know about me and why this and why that. And another mystery, it seemed lately I could never manage to wake up and not have my beard a mess, and then this morning I found out why: the bloody thing is glued on! I don't recall shaving, but the stick on beard will have to do until my real one grows back. I have to wonder if Rogaine would be of any use to encourage quick facial hair growth. Maybe I ought to ask Nathan. He's one bloke who ought to know, especially with his "beard of doom"tm that he used to have.

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