Friday, February 16, 2007

Totally hip escape

So, I'm sitting in the airport, thinking about the total mess that's happened. I find it highly bizarre that a NH plane bound for Texas wound up diverted to Vegas. It makes no sense to me, unless it's some kind of scheme... And those Elvi hitting on an obviously not looking for a date Goth-chick... Y'know, I can't think of a better disguise for some kind of covert ops in Vegas than an army of Elvi. I decide I'm not going to wait for the plane to see if I'm right. So, I hit the ladies' room for a quick outfit change. I repack my Goth gear and put on this tye-dye t-shirt, baggy old jeans, and these banged up old sneakers with rainbow laces. I put away my dark Lennon type glasses in favor of a red set. Then I mess up my hair a bit and throw a few cornbraids in it. When I'm done, I don't look like an member of the Addams family anymore. If anything, I look like Shaggy and Velma's lost lovechild. I even changed the carry case I keep my cards in. It's kinda cool the way that old Rider-Waite deck goes with nearly everything. As I vacate the bathroom, I see about 10 Elvi scouring the waiting area that I'd left to change. All but one ignore me, and the one who doesn't is female and just asks me if I've seen a "Goth girl."
"She was like totally bumming me out. I think she went outside or something," I tell her.
The female Elvi just shakes her head and rejoins the rest of her group.
I leave for the bus station, and am totally unnoticed. I get a ticket for Odessa, Texas. Hardly anyone on the bus pays me any mind, which is just fine by me. I am totally craving those waffles from the Burnt Toast Diner. I'm hoping that Claude is at the Diner when I get there as well as some of the other regulars. I won't even get mad if Claude picks my pocket... Of course, that's not where the bulk of my travel funds are anyway ; ) I gotta remember to ask Claude if those avatar pics he uses are actually him, for two reasons: 1) I gotta wonder how you photograph an invisible person & 2) he reminds me of someone that I've seen somewhere before...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Elvis Conspiracy?

Ok, so, I was supposed to go to Texas, but I wound up in Vegas instead. I know I boarded the right plane, so I ask the stewardess what the blazes is going on. She gives me some long winded story that I only half listened to, but the long and the short of it is some kind of divert and there’ll be another plane to take us all to Texas in like 3-4 hours. I would have been upset, but I always wanted to check out Vegas, anyway. I figured I didn’t have time to get into “Blue Man Group” or any of the jousts over at Camelot, so I just tour the strip. I go into a casino, just to check it out, it’s not like I need the money, LOL. Slots were amusing but no luck there. I don’t care to play roulette, so I figure I’ll try some poker. Big mistake! Not may people realize this, but your standard poker deck is based off the minor arcana in a tarot deck. I, at least, should have known better. I get dealt an entire hand of spades, which in tarot is equivalent to the swords suit. I was gonna bet, seeing as I had a flush, but then the meanings of the cards I was holding came to mind 7, 10, 4, A, 5, and I see this huge mushroom cloud in New York. So I fold, as soon as I can see straight. It was a shame. I would have won the hand. Not that I need the money, but bragging rights would have been nice.

So I leave the casino, debating what to do next, and who do I run into, but Elvis. No, not the real King, but one of the numerous impersonators. And he hit on me. Mind you, I’m dressed Goth and look like a cross between Velma Dinkley and Abby Sciouto. The real kicker is the shirt I have on says “Better to have loved and lost than to be stuck with the psycho the rest of your life.” And Elvis hits on me. I walk away and he tries to serenade me. I run. Then another Elvis, this one much less convincing, one block away, starts. I manage to ditch him.

Then this snob couple is like staring at me so I yell, “Take a picture! It’ll last longer!” And I’m convinced that I’ve scared them off when another Elvis shows up!

“Hands and eyes off the King’s Lady!” he shouts. I reply, “I can handle myself and I ain’t your lady!” Then he starts crooning “Let me be your teddy bear,” and I wanna hurl. He looks the part, but can’t sing for nothing.

So I bolt. I finally manage some decent luck and lose the Elvi. Then I realize I’m in a computer store and buy a lap top, so I can veg at the airport until the plane arrives and gets me the blazes outta here. I swear it's some kind of conspiracy or something!

So, to relax, at the airport, I log onto my blog and do a bit of net surfing. Just when I’m starting to wish that I was invisible, I remember there was another blogger who had something to do with that. I do a search and I find “The Invisible Prophet,” which belongs to a man who calls himself Claude. He’s a very amusing and crafty individual. He occasionally shows up at the Burnt Toast Diner, which is where I wanna go anyway. If I read some of his posts right, he’s invisible. I wonder if he can hide others. I sure could have used his help with the Elvi. I bet he’s seen all kinds of neat stuff. Hey, maybe he knows where I can find the guy I drew. I sure hope he’s at the diner, when I get there and doesn’t mind dealing with a Goth-chick retired nurse…

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A good reading...and some art

Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. Maybe that's why I can't get a "lock" on where my mysterious gorgeous hermit is. I did figure out how I'm getting to Texas though and to the famous (and delicious) Burnt Toast Diner. I won the lottery... well sort of. I was thinking, that, with all I can do with a tarot deck, why not try and find me some winning lottery numbers. whe I played before, I just let the computer choose at random. But not this time. This time I spread out my cards, intending to see exactly what number I should play. I knew I was on to something, when the "Wheel of Fortune" card came up in the spread. At first, I just saw myself on TV accepting the huge check in Concord, NH. I refocused and pushed hard. The concentration hurt, but I needed the numbers that would bring that to pass. Then I saw the numbers as clearly as I'd seen the cards laid out before me. I usually have trouble with numbers, but not this time. I got the order right. I was so excited and preoccupied with finding a pen to write down the numbers, that I didn't notice that I had a nose bleed. Fortunately, I was wearing a crap T-shirt, anyway. A small price to pay, considering what the pay off I was gonna be getting was. I went to the store and bought a ticket with the numbers I'd seen, and some more kleenex. I had a migraine from hades, and a nosebleed to match, but I didn't care. When the bleeding finally stopped, I took a nap. I went to work, 11-7, just like always. Last thing I need is that lot getting suspicious. Let 'em think it was all dumb luck. The drawing was at 11pm. You shoulda seen their faces when the lottery announced they had only one winner the next morning, "One winner for this astronomical jackpot, and we have reason to believe it's a nurse from New Hampshire, who bought her ticket here, at this local grocery store. More to follow..." Oh, if they only knew the truth. LOL. I got my check the very next day, and quit my job. I'm technically "on sabatical." I could probably stay on it permanently. 'Course, my first trip is gonna be to Texas. I got a one way ticket, that way I can leave when I want, no set schedule.

I still dunno where my "Hermit" has gotten to. I may run into him in the Burnt Toast Diner. Even if I don't, I'm dying for some good waffels. I hear the coffee's good too. I wonder about their tea. Speaking of tea, I may not come back to NH after Texas, I may go to NYC, specifially Manhattan. There's this great Japanese Tea Room there, that I know of. It's out on the piers. That's the other nice thing about only getting a one way ticket; no set return destination. I also think New york is important some how. Maybe, that's where he is.... Here's a picture I drew, (top of this paragraph) though what help it will be, I dunno. I am not a professional. I just do this for fun.

Monday, February 12, 2007


So I pulled out my deck, and the first card I see is what I've always called "my card," the Queen of cups. Granted the usual symbology is more a tea-leaf reader or a scryer, but it does suit me. I lay out more cards, in my usual "tree of life" pattern. For me, this is like most folks reading a book with a good index of chapters. One of what lands in the problem card areas is the "Emperor," and I see this buisness-type guy with Horn Rimmed Glasses. Never seen him before. Not bad looking but he kinda scares me. I lay out more cards. One in a better position is "the Hermit," and I see this gorgeous man who has light brown hair, a beard and these piercing blue eyes. I gotta find him! I think he's on the move or something, because when I did a deeper reading, I kept getting, odd results to say the least, not to mention a bit of a headache. What is he, invisible or something? Looking like that? What a crime, but then I suppose it saves him having to beat folks off with a stick. Me, I think I'm kinda plain. I'm no supermodel, but I'm not ugly either. Some folks think I look like Velma with no glasses. Thank goodness I don't need them, just my shades on occasion. Like when I read too much. Kinda like now. Ouch. I suppose I shouldn't complain; at least I can still see stuff.

I'm also thinking I should hitch a ride to Texas. There's this great diner there that I keep hearing about. I think I need to be there. I hear they allow dogs too. That's kinda neat.