Friday, December 11, 2009

Save Heroes, save the world!

From it's premiere back in September 2006, Heroes was bold and different. It's also the first show that I've found that was truly interactive. While other shows I was and am a fan of merely gave me fodder for fanfic I never bothered to share, Heroes has provided me and other fans with emails, text messages, and online graphic novels with even more online content later on. Even back when Heroes was hailed as a "Phenomenon" by critics there were still the naysayers, there always are. The second season was cut short due to the writers' strike, and the naysayers just got louder. I remember back during season 3 there was not only the issue of naysayers to deal with, and folks jumping on their bandwagon, but also some spammers cropped up on fan discussion sites with bogus links and a bogus story about a lawsuit. Still others showed up on fan boards just to talk trash. Now here we are in the middle of the 4th season break. The naysayers are getting louder and what's worse is that now some of the fans who had previously fought so hard for the writers during the strike, and defended Heroes to the naysayers are joining in on the negativity.

While I'll admit that Heroes is not perfect, I do think anyone who calls himself or herself a true fan of the show should at least see the current storylines play out before they abandon Heroes totally. Yeah, I'll be honest, and admit to having thought about leaving in the past myself. But it was not because I didn't like some of the plot twists but because I feared for the safety of my favorite character, Claude, whom a lot consider just a background character. Fortunately, things have been OK for him thus far, but what really confuses me is why so many fans are jumping ship now over one of the storylines currently playing out, a storyline that started last season. When Sylar killed Nathan, back at the close of season 3, and Angela and HRG made Matt brainwash Sylar into thinking he was Nathan, I figured it wouldn't last forever. Some fans did leave then but I don't understand why some fans are all up in arms over Sylar getting his body back. This isn't the only thing that prompted me to write this post either. There was this article: and the comments that producer Adam Armus makes are troubling to me. He may not have meant to come across this way, but he sounds to me like some of the staff are giving up hope of the series continuing. I really hope I've just misunderstood. But if I haven't things are quite bleak.

Have we no hope left?

I won't deny that things in the real world are far from stellar, far from it. Depending upon where you are and what your situation is they range anywhere from mildly depressing to abysmal. I repeat what I said in another post in my LJ and reiterate that we need Heroes, not only for the escapism but also as an inspiration to use what we have to make the world a better place. I also find it ironic that at a time of year when most Americans are giving thanks so many seem like they aren't even grateful for what they do have. So while I am a bit down and confused I will still be grateful.

I'm grateful we've had 4 seasons of Heroes this far and even when it's not at its best it's still well worth watching. This series is truly inspiring and as my title says "Save Heroes, save the world!"

I'm grateful for the entire creative team behind Heroes and I include EVERYONE who makes the show possible in that from the writers, directors, producers, actors, set crew, props folks, makeup personnel, stunt workers, gophers, computer effects people to anyone else that had a hand in making things come together. You do good work. Keep doing it!

I'm grateful for such a rich online and interactive experience and all the emails, text messages, webisodes, tagged media, i-Stories, and graphic novels it brings. Thank you for all your hard work.

I'm grateful for the Heroes fan boards and discussion groups online, even if a few sites have vanished. Thank you for all your hard work website runners.

Most of all I'm grateful for Claude Rains and I thank everyone who helped not only to bring him both on screen and into the graphic novels. Just please don't kill him off writers, you'll break my heart.

So I'm not abandoning Heroes. My loyalty is not easily earned or easily discarded. I'm in for the long haul.

Given the new blog rules that came out I should point out that I am writing this blog of my own free will. I am receiving no compensation of any kind, nor am I and employee of NBC/Universal or Comcast. I don't work for Tim Kring or any of his associates. What I do for work is work 40+ hours a week on the 11-7 shift as an RN on a Geriatrics and Hospice unit. I blog for fun and when I have a point to make or a cause to support. Right now Heroes is that cause. Save Heroes, save the world!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why I won't EVER accept a certain ship

Let me start this off by saying that I'm not homophobic nor am I anti-gay. Having said that I'm rather irked at the fact that the rule of thumb seems to be for far too many ships "Well these two cute people or interesting characters shared a scene so in fic they shall share a bed." Or the writer likes these two guys (or two gals) in these 2 different fandoms and ships them even though those 2 or more universes are mutually exclusive of each other. Then there is the fact that some just choose to ignore canon. While I don't really like her character that much, the one decent thing Lauren's arrival has done in Heroes is demonstrate that Noah Bennet is straight. Irregardless of screen caps taken totally out of context, the fact remains that with Sandra out of the picture, divorced from Noah, and dating Doug, who is Noah Bennet aka HRG chasing? That's right LAUREN a WOMAN!!!!! But long before Lauren ever showed up in a new view of the events of Season 1, I refused to accept Claude and Bennet were anything more than really close friends in the brotherly sense. Even if I bought for a minute that Claude was gay or even bi, I cannot accept that Claude would be that much of a jerk to Sandra. Stealing stuff is one thing ADULTERY against a friend is another and with what snippets we are given, we are lead to believe that Claude has not only his own ethical code but also that he was fairly close to HRG's family well. Claude even comments on how HRG was distant from Claire at about the time when HRG shot Claude. How would Claude have known that if he was not close with his coworker's family? Even if that is not the case and somehow, HRG being straight were not canon, I really don't buy that Claude would let Bennet anywhere near him after HRG shot him. This is Claude * freaking * Rains, you know the man who threw Peter off a building in an attempt to teach Peter to fly?!?!? I'm also guessing and hoping that a good many of you reading this have never been deeply betrayed by someone you cared about and truly trusted and, if you have, certainly not in such a manner that you almost died. I really hope you haven't and never are because I have. I forgave one betrayal and almost paid for that act of kindness with my life when I was betrayed yet again by that same person. If he tried to come back into my life now, after that, after almost costing me my life, he'd get yelled at, and screamed at, and told to stay the hell away from me, at the very least! I want nothing to do with that person and I figure the best revenge I can get on him is to live well after and despite the garbage he pulled and the absolute hell he put me through. I did love this person once but there is no way I'd ever let him back in my life. Having lived through that, I can't see how, or even believe that Claude would let HRG back in his life irregardless of how he felt about HRG before HRG nearly killed him. In canon, Claude BOLTED after HRG almost caught him and Peter and went not to HRG, nor anywhere near HRG, but back to the UK. And HRG and Rene the Haitian were only using tasers and not bullets, non lethal even if painful weapons. So those of you with your crazy contra-canon shipping, knock yourselves out, have a blast but don't ever expect me to believe or accept what ships you concoct, especially if they involve HRG and Claude being together. The only fic I wanna see right now with both Claude and HRG in it is Claude kicking the crap out of HRG and then walking away. As I said in my cut that I used on LJ, nothing sinks a ship like canon.