Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reaction post for GN 142

Massive spoilers ahead for Heroes through the end of Season 3, IStory and all the graphic novels through 142. GN 142 can be found Here.

Well this was well worth the wait and not just because Claude Rains is in this issue either. It ties up nicely with events in "I Am Sylar." The art is gorgeous as always and the script really good as well. I just wish they'd tell us what exactly the relationship between Claude and Abby is. Is he her dad, her uncle, or just a really good friend? Is Abby the one Claude got shot for hiding? It's clear from the dialogue that Claude knew Abby's mum, whomever she was/is. Lee does not show an ability here. Either it's not showy, he hasn't manifested yet, or the Building 26 agents just grabbed him because he was with Claude and Abby when they showed up. Molly leaves with Claude so hopefully those two will be safe for some time to come as Claude has the ultimate hiding power and Molly can find anyone. I find myself wondering if there is an upgrade or evolution to Claude's power, that perhaps he could become invisible to the point where thermal goggles become useless to find him. For both his and Molly's sakes, I hope so. I wonder if Molly will have Claude take her to Matt or Mohinder or if she will prefer to remain with Claude indefinitely. Having seen through the end of season 3, I know Sylar doesn't kill Micah. Micah even appeared in a recent IStory set after Season 3. It's apparent to me that Micah will go to meet up with Monica but will he reconnect with the rest of the Rebellion team again? In GN 132 it very much looks like Sparrow and West had been working together but got separated and West runs into HRG while trying to help Alex evade capture. In this GN though I can understand why West got "A little excited" as he puts it when confronting the scientist working for Building 26. After what the Company did to West, and what he's seen this new group doing, it's understandable. While I enjoyed this GN I'm sad to see this arc come to an end. I really enjoyed the whole arc and watching the Rebellion team working together through it. Prior to this issue, it wasn't
just Claude I was worried about but the whole group. Granted they are out of immediate danger, for now. Will the new Company and/or the mysterious Carnival now try to recruit the Rebellion team or their friends? I'm just glad that for now they all live to fight another day.

"Everybody LIVES!" - the Ninth Doctor
Doctor Who

Monday, August 10, 2009

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra--GO SEE IT!!!!!

First off let me say that I am not a professional critic, nor do I work for anyone associated with this film. What I am is a fan. I grew up with GI Joe as a kid, both the action figures and the cartoons and I'd have loved a live action movie to have been made back then. I'm also, if you have been reading this blog regularly, a big fan of Christopher Eccleston. Now I'd have seen this movie anyway, even if Chris didn't have such a prominent role in it. I also loved Stephen Sommers Mummy movies, my favorite being The Mummy Returns. SO, now that you know where I am coming from, on to the film!

I loved it and not just Chris' scenes. You also don't have to be an GI Joe fan to understand what is going on. The film will show you whatever backstory is key. It's sci-fi action adventure with some drama and just a really fun time. I won't spoil anything in this review but the effects are mind blowing, there are good looking men and women in interesting costumes with interesting tech, and there are explosions, lots of explosions. There is also a really cool underwater battle (think Thunderball with a massive upgrade). There are plenty of plot twists but not overly complicated and you actually care about what these characters get up to, regardless of whom you are cheering for.

Now, for those critics who complained about Chris' accent, let me just say that I thought it was consistent, well done, understandable, and made it clear that his character was Scottish. And for those of you who would still complain about all things Gaelic let me just say "Plughaugh mah hon!" and while I'm unsure on the spelling it does convey my sentiment.