Sunday, November 25, 2007

Things are bloody confusing

So I spent all night at the bar with Clyde, my pigeon drinking, then came back to the room and crashed. For some reason the computer gives me this Blog to write in. Better than nothing but, blimey, does Tarot have a one track mind...but I doubt she'll mind my notes. Woke up late AM and couldn't recall where I was. I still couldn't vanish. I've heard rumour of a virus... but maybe I'm just getting old. I couldn't find my good suit, (maybe it's being dry-cleaned?)just my old clothes that I had on. My hair was a mess as was my beard. I hadda nick some of Tarot's spirit gum and fake hair to fix it as I somehow got shaved a bit in my sleep. I have to ask her why she has that stuff. I know she's strange but there's strange and then there's weird. I also had a slight hangover and the best cure for that is more beer so back to the bar I went. Clyde just sat on my shoulder the whole time. I have to wonder where the rest of the flock got to. I dunno where Tarot went, and although we've got a good supply of cash more couldn't hurt. The dealers were looking at me funny so I went for the fruit- I mean slots. Looks like I'm as lucky as Tarot was with them. I'm staying away from the roulette tables though.

Learned my lesson there... I think. For some odd reason I had a deck of tarot cards in my coat pocket. I wonder if Tarot borrowed this coat. Did I loan her it when I met her at her flat back in New York? Maybe she had it when I spent the night. Maybe it was when we went to the storm tunnel. Whenever it was I had her deck now. Out of curiosity more than anything else, I decided to shuffle the deck. Then I started laying them out more by memory than anything else. The first card up was the hermit:
Followed by the Queen of cups:

I only recall those two because she pointed them out to me. She'd said something like the Hermit was my card and the Queen was hers and then she went into along speech about dominoes or something but I was debating getting a beer or maybe I was nicking a pretzel or something... I forget, so the rest of the cards just looked like a fancy poker deck to me... but then the weirdest thing happened. I wasn't seeing the bar anymore or the cards. I saw cities deserted, Biohazard symbols, vials, syringes, hundreds of bodies in bodybags and men in hazmat suits:
It was scary! Bloody terrifying! And I couldn't see my beer and let me tell you I needed one because what I'd seen scared me sober! I'm sure I saw ol' Bob Bishop (sodding git) in there somewhere too. Then I could see normal again. I still couldn't go invisible but now I see stuff, so at least I don't have the virus but I can tell you it's coming and it's nasty. Also if this is what Tarot goes through, no wonder she's strange... maybe she should drink...

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