Sunday, December 23, 2007

So now I'm hungover at a party

So now I'm hungover at a Christmas Party in the Burnt Toast Diner. Between the stuff I've read online and Claude's reactions to me of late I can piece together some of what happened. I know he'd left me to be a diversion so he could safely attend a funeral for Ivan (and it looks like he wound up hitting Kaito's as well), but after I went to the bar at the hotel we'd been staying at dressed as him, I don't really recall much, just the nightmare vision I blogged about. And only fragments of that. At least now I know why I have a hangover and why I have light chemical burns on my face. I know spirit gum on one's face 24/7 can't be good, but as I'm female, there is no way I could have grown my own beard. On the plus side Clyde the pigeon is still following me about, though given I'm no longer in disguise I have to wonder about that. Granted I did take care of him and the rest of the flock for a good deal of time when Claude was away, but I didn't think I'd made that much of an impression!

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