Friday, February 16, 2007

Totally hip escape

So, I'm sitting in the airport, thinking about the total mess that's happened. I find it highly bizarre that a NH plane bound for Texas wound up diverted to Vegas. It makes no sense to me, unless it's some kind of scheme... And those Elvi hitting on an obviously not looking for a date Goth-chick... Y'know, I can't think of a better disguise for some kind of covert ops in Vegas than an army of Elvi. I decide I'm not going to wait for the plane to see if I'm right. So, I hit the ladies' room for a quick outfit change. I repack my Goth gear and put on this tye-dye t-shirt, baggy old jeans, and these banged up old sneakers with rainbow laces. I put away my dark Lennon type glasses in favor of a red set. Then I mess up my hair a bit and throw a few cornbraids in it. When I'm done, I don't look like an member of the Addams family anymore. If anything, I look like Shaggy and Velma's lost lovechild. I even changed the carry case I keep my cards in. It's kinda cool the way that old Rider-Waite deck goes with nearly everything. As I vacate the bathroom, I see about 10 Elvi scouring the waiting area that I'd left to change. All but one ignore me, and the one who doesn't is female and just asks me if I've seen a "Goth girl."
"She was like totally bumming me out. I think she went outside or something," I tell her.
The female Elvi just shakes her head and rejoins the rest of her group.
I leave for the bus station, and am totally unnoticed. I get a ticket for Odessa, Texas. Hardly anyone on the bus pays me any mind, which is just fine by me. I am totally craving those waffles from the Burnt Toast Diner. I'm hoping that Claude is at the Diner when I get there as well as some of the other regulars. I won't even get mad if Claude picks my pocket... Of course, that's not where the bulk of my travel funds are anyway ; ) I gotta remember to ask Claude if those avatar pics he uses are actually him, for two reasons: 1) I gotta wonder how you photograph an invisible person & 2) he reminds me of someone that I've seen somewhere before...


Mr. Bennet said...

Wow, you had me fooled!

By the way, if you do find Claude at the Burnt Toast Cafe, maybe you could capture him for me and give me a call. I've got this thing about capturing people. Too bad they always get away.

Tarot said...

To Mr. Bennet:
I'm very sorry but my intuition tells me, that, even if I did manage to find Claude, he wouldn't be too happy with me if I called you : (. Are you, perchance, the reson he's gone missing and I can't find him? Or did that emo Peter(:P) guy finally drive him away? I really did want to talk with Claude :"(
I don't suppose you have any idea who the man I drew is? Do you? ; )