Monday, February 12, 2007


So I pulled out my deck, and the first card I see is what I've always called "my card," the Queen of cups. Granted the usual symbology is more a tea-leaf reader or a scryer, but it does suit me. I lay out more cards, in my usual "tree of life" pattern. For me, this is like most folks reading a book with a good index of chapters. One of what lands in the problem card areas is the "Emperor," and I see this buisness-type guy with Horn Rimmed Glasses. Never seen him before. Not bad looking but he kinda scares me. I lay out more cards. One in a better position is "the Hermit," and I see this gorgeous man who has light brown hair, a beard and these piercing blue eyes. I gotta find him! I think he's on the move or something, because when I did a deeper reading, I kept getting, odd results to say the least, not to mention a bit of a headache. What is he, invisible or something? Looking like that? What a crime, but then I suppose it saves him having to beat folks off with a stick. Me, I think I'm kinda plain. I'm no supermodel, but I'm not ugly either. Some folks think I look like Velma with no glasses. Thank goodness I don't need them, just my shades on occasion. Like when I read too much. Kinda like now. Ouch. I suppose I shouldn't complain; at least I can still see stuff.

I'm also thinking I should hitch a ride to Texas. There's this great diner there that I keep hearing about. I think I need to be there. I hear they allow dogs too. That's kinda neat.

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