Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A good reading...and some art

Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. Maybe that's why I can't get a "lock" on where my mysterious gorgeous hermit is. I did figure out how I'm getting to Texas though and to the famous (and delicious) Burnt Toast Diner. I won the lottery... well sort of. I was thinking, that, with all I can do with a tarot deck, why not try and find me some winning lottery numbers. whe I played before, I just let the computer choose at random. But not this time. This time I spread out my cards, intending to see exactly what number I should play. I knew I was on to something, when the "Wheel of Fortune" card came up in the spread. At first, I just saw myself on TV accepting the huge check in Concord, NH. I refocused and pushed hard. The concentration hurt, but I needed the numbers that would bring that to pass. Then I saw the numbers as clearly as I'd seen the cards laid out before me. I usually have trouble with numbers, but not this time. I got the order right. I was so excited and preoccupied with finding a pen to write down the numbers, that I didn't notice that I had a nose bleed. Fortunately, I was wearing a crap T-shirt, anyway. A small price to pay, considering what the pay off I was gonna be getting was. I went to the store and bought a ticket with the numbers I'd seen, and some more kleenex. I had a migraine from hades, and a nosebleed to match, but I didn't care. When the bleeding finally stopped, I took a nap. I went to work, 11-7, just like always. Last thing I need is that lot getting suspicious. Let 'em think it was all dumb luck. The drawing was at 11pm. You shoulda seen their faces when the lottery announced they had only one winner the next morning, "One winner for this astronomical jackpot, and we have reason to believe it's a nurse from New Hampshire, who bought her ticket here, at this local grocery store. More to follow..." Oh, if they only knew the truth. LOL. I got my check the very next day, and quit my job. I'm technically "on sabatical." I could probably stay on it permanently. 'Course, my first trip is gonna be to Texas. I got a one way ticket, that way I can leave when I want, no set schedule.

I still dunno where my "Hermit" has gotten to. I may run into him in the Burnt Toast Diner. Even if I don't, I'm dying for some good waffels. I hear the coffee's good too. I wonder about their tea. Speaking of tea, I may not come back to NH after Texas, I may go to NYC, specifially Manhattan. There's this great Japanese Tea Room there, that I know of. It's out on the piers. That's the other nice thing about only getting a one way ticket; no set return destination. I also think New york is important some how. Maybe, that's where he is.... Here's a picture I drew, (top of this paragraph) though what help it will be, I dunno. I am not a professional. I just do this for fun.

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